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Poultry value chain/Zambia – Power deficits hits poultry sector

14 September 2015

The power deficit in the southern African region has negatively affected poultry producers in Zimbabwe and Zambia, according to the latest report on the African poultry sector. Power woes hobbling the southern African region are hitting poultry producers in Zimbabwe and Zambia. The current situation has been devastating for poultry producers, reported the Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ). However, local producers are constrained by rising input costs and are unable to meet demand, leading to shortages of poultry which is a key protein nutrient for the region’s population. The report notes that some poultry farmers have turned to charcoal as an alternative source of energy to warm up their poultry. According to Mansa poultry producer’s chairman, its members are complaining that the chicken business has become very expensive because they have to spend on feed, vaccine, charcoal, maize bran and other costs to ensure they stay afloat. Moreover, information about areas that hold investment potential in the poultry sector is very scant. Meanwhile in South Africa, the poultry producers association pleaded with their government to seek ways to ensure power suppliers for poultry producers. The Poultry Producers Association’s Chief Executive Officer indicated that chicken slaughterhouses that processed 13,000 chickens per hour could not rely on generators for sufficient power supplies.




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