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Cassava value chain/Kenya - Cassava takes root in arid counties

19 October 2015

A cassava revolution is taking over in coastal counties that have for decades been left to the mercy of perennial dry weather conditions, hunger and dependence on relief food. An Italian NGO, Italian for Appropriate Technology Development Centre has initiated a project to develop a high yielding fast maturing cassava in Kenya. The aim of the project is to help increase its primary production, disclosed the NGO’s project manager. Two cassava varieties researched and developed by the Kenya Agricultural Research and Livestock Organisation (KALRO), namely Shibe and Tajirika, are the commonly planted types in the region. The two varieties can weigh up to 14kgs per plant and have an average harvesting period ranging 8 -12 months after planting. Through the multiplication of these high yielding seeds, smallholder output will be magnified thus increase the pace towards food security and boosting household consumption of the commodity in Kenya’s arid counties. The focus has mainly been on cassava value addition chain that consists of production at farm levels, processing and marketing. The project is open to engage more groups in the country and collaborate with other agricultural agencies to harmonise the market. The unique aspect of the project is that, value addition is done by individual farmers, allowing them to reap more from their crops. Women make up 80 per cent of the farmers involved in the project.



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