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Fiji tuna processor receives EU sanitary approval

19 December 2011

An article in Islands Business underlines that ‘Tripacific Marine Limited is the second company to have received EU (sanitary) approval since Fiji was listed back by the European Union in February …’ The company general manager said in a statement that the ‘inclusion of EU countries in the list has opened another big opportunity for exports of value-added products from Fiji, as the EU has a large market for fish-based products … This in turn will create more employment opportunities and inflow of foreign exchange into the country.’

He also highlighted in the article that the company has recently commissioned a new processing line for production of ready-to-eat tuna-based products in pouches, and that he was confident that this product ‘will be well received in EU markets’.

He is hopeful that more fishing vessels in Fiji will get listed under the EU against the current list of ten. The company webpage highlights that it has ties with a fleet of Chinese and Korean tuna long-line fishing vessels. Like PNG, Fiji benefits from the ‘global sourcing’ rules of origin.

Editorial comment

For Fiji, it has not been easy to garner benefits from the global sourcing rules of origin, having been constrained by the application of the SPS regulation. Obtaining a supply of tuna from SPS-compliant vessels is a challenge for local processing industries, and represents a bottleneck that restricts the potential of global sourcing rules of origin. The sanitary approval of this new establishment for exporting onto the EU market is therefore welcome, particularly given its attempts to develop innovative added value products. 


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