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Nutritious and cost-effective pig feeds within reach of Smallholder Pig farmers in Uganda

15 février 2016

Seasonal variations in feed quality and availability is a rampant problem that constrains smallholder pig farmers in Central Uganda. However, this need not be as a recent study found out that locally available feed stuff, when properly rationed can provide sufficient and cost-effective feed for optimal pig production. The study, whose objective was to abridge nutritional value of locally available feed ingredients additionally established that pig farmers are also constrained with high cost of feed and limited knowledge to formulate low-cost nutritionally balanced formulas. Indeed, nutritious feed materials for pigs such as low- to no cost planted forages and opportunistic forages (weeds) and fruits, crop residues and agricultural co-products are available and within reach of farmers seasonally. These materials could be ingredients of nutritious rations to meet pigs’ dietary requirements to improve growth performance while minimizing feed costs. 



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