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Input value chain/Malawi - Government to align its Seed Regulations to COMESA System

14 décembre 2015

Malawi is planning to align its seed regulations with the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA) Seed Harmonization Implementation Plan (COMSHIP). Secretary for Agriculture, Erica Maganga said in Lilongwe during an official opening of National Seed Consultative Meeting that COMSHIP is intended to bring about a framework of implementation plans that include modalities at national and regional level as well as a transparent, coherent, monitoring, application, improvement and domestication of COMESA seed trade harmonization regulations. The regulation will accelerate agricultural growth as well as a structured seed industry development which is essential, disclosed the secretary. Moreover, the competitive seed industry will be linked to the world seed industry thus boost ability to deliver a steady stream of new varieties for all the relevant crops. COMESA representative John Mukuka said that there is need for member states to harmonize their seed regulations to the COMESA seed systems. There are several opportunities for member states once they align their seed trade regulations to COMESA’s seed system due to limitless terms of where to sell their seed varieties during cross border trade in the region and beyond. Moreover, COMESA regulations provide for standardized and uniform variety testing procedures for release of seed on a regional variety list as well as increases private sector participation in the seed release process. COMESA representative added that, through the harmonization of seed regulations, the influx of fake seed in the market will reduce because companies in the region will have security features on their products.



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