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Livestock and dairy value chain/Nigeria, Namibia and Rwanda – Outbreak of cattle diseases

17 March 2015

Livestock is a source of nutrients from meat and dairy and contributes significantly to livelihoods, directly supporting smallholder farmers and creating employment. The Nigerian Veterinary Officer of the local government reported the epidemic Foot and Mouth cattle disease(FMD) which affected 200 cattle in Toro local area. According to the veterinary officer, the disease is highly contagious among cattle especially where they access water. The disease can not only infect cattle but also sheep, goats and pigs. In order to maintain the value of the meat, different actors in the livestock/dairy value chain should ensure proper handling of the animals from one actor to another. Foot and Mouth disease is a virus which affects the animal’s respiratory system and can be transmitted through contaminated feeds, direct contact with infected animals and human once exposed to infected premises or while transporting. In Namibia nearly 30,000 cattle are expected to be inoculated against FMD using mobile crash pans in communities which do not have fixed crash pans. While in Rwanda, researchers, scholars and dairy industry stakeholders are meeting in Kigali to assess the threat of mastitis disease that affects cattle meat and quality of milk.


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