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South Korea to join efforts of developing Beef Industry in Rwanda

19 October 2015

Ongoing measures to develop the beef sub-sector in Rwanda have recently received a major boost with the support of South Korea through a framework of bilateral cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources of Rwanda and Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI). The initiative will specifically targets to improve productivity and quality along the value chain, thus increasing the country’s beef and livestock exports. As a preliminary step, experts from KREI conducted a one week training programme in August 2015 in Rwanda to share expertise, experience and knowledge with local livestock stakeholders on how to improve processing and increase supply of beef products. One of the expected outputs of this initiative will be an increase in meat production from the current 1.8 million kilogrammes to 4.7 million kilogrammes by the end of 2015. Milk production is equally slotted to increase within to 16.4 million litres from the current annual national output of 5.8 million litres.



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