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Constraints of Commercialization of Dairy Sector in Tanzania

19 October 2015

The small-scale nature of milk actors in the dairy value chain from production to trading has been poised as a bottleneck that is curtailing full commercialization of the industry in Tanzania. As a result, a vicious cycle follows whereby, due to lack of economy of scales, actors are perpetually constrained with limited access to inputs and services including breeding, feed and animal health at farm level causing a spiraling effect in form of inconsistent supply in quality and quality to downstream actors such as processors.

A participatory methodology of Farmers Group Discussion in Tanzania as part of the ‘Maziwa Zaidi’ project has shed light into priority challenges that constrain the dairy sector in Tanzania: feed shortage, limited knowledge by farmers of zoonotic diseases as well as benefits of collective action in commercializing livestock production.These constraints are now being looked into through more in-depth studies under the “Maziwa Zaidi” projects including piloting of best-bet interventions and monitoring of related outcomes.

The “Maziwa Zaidi” project is seen as panacea organizational model to the problems associated with the ‘pre-commercial’ dairy farmers who dominate the sector and who development efforts have hitherto neglected.



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