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Fiscal Relief on feed raw materials in Kenya

08 November 2015

It would appear that there is a wave of public commitment to boost the livestock industry going by the fiscal concessions dished out to the sub-sector by governments in the EAC. The Government of Kenya (GoK) is following in the footsteps of that of Rwanda in its plans to waive duty on raw materials imported for manufacture of feeds. Admitting that high cost of feed constrains increased commercialization of the dairy sub-sector, acting Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in Kenya said that plans to waive duty on feeds would take effect in 2016. This announcement was made during the Africa Dairy Conference and Exhibition in Nairobi organized by the East and Southern African Dairy Association. Experts in the dairy industry said that this was an opportune move as demand for dairy products in the country is expected to triple against the backdrop of increased urbanization and population. `



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