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Increasing Competition for Market Share in the Dairy Industry in Kenya-New KCC Looses Its Market Share to Githunguri Dairies

19 October 2015

Historically, market share of dairy products in Kenya has been dominated by two giant processors: Brookside which is privately owned and the State-owned New KCC in that order. However, this has changed in the recent past with the ousting of the New KCC by Githunguri Dairy Farmers Co-operative, the maker of Fresha Milk Products. The dairy regulator KDB has indicated that New KCC now controls 15% of the raw milk market, 5% lesser than in 2014, losing out marginally to Githunguri Dairy which now occupies the second position at 16%. Although Brookside still dominated the market by June 2015, the top three companies are increasingly relinquishing their market dominance to smaller firms which together now control 31% of the market. Indeed, the market share of small dairy processing firms has increased from 24% in 2014 to 31% in 2015, indicative of increased competition in the dairy industry for a country which has the highest per capita consumption of milk in East Africa.



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