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Informal Milk Sub-sector in Kenya to be regulated

19 October 2015

Lack of regulation in the informal milk market in Kenya will be a thing of the past with introduction of regulations to govern it. Recognizing that the status quo poses health hazards to consumers who procure milk from informal sources, the Kenya Dairy Board has drafted and submitted draft rules to stakeholders for discussion. There has been a proliferation of milk vending businesses popularly known as ‘milk ATMs’ in the recent past, a relatively new technology in Kenya that has seen consumers even more exposed to risks emanating to mishandling of the delicate commodity. Indeed, the Kenya Dairy Processors Association has in addition complained that the source of the milk finding its way to the outlets is not always known. The trend has been driven by a burgeoning clientele which cannot afford pasteurized milk from conventional retail outlets. It is against this backdrop the new rules will see informal milk trader be required to obtain a license before starting their business or the old ones having to meet a health standards check before being license. If the new rules are implemented, it will result in centralization ‘milk ATMs’ thereby simplifying routine product sampling, testing and follow-ups all geared towards improvement of raw milk quality.



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