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Cassava value chain/ Nigeria – Capacity building for rural farmers on cassava production

20 April 2015

More than thirty farmers from rural communities were trained at the National Root Crops Research Institute (NRCRI) under support of Addax Petroleum Nigeria Limited. The main objective was to transform small-scale rural farmers with modern ideas and knowledge on cassava production and value addition. During the closure of the program, farmers displayed their new knowledge in cassava and sweet potato value chain by using cassava flour to produce cake, strips, bread, fritters, chips and salad cream. The cassava value chain can envisage contributing to sustainable improvement in the general welfare and livelihood of farmers and processors in the cassava sector by raising incomes of farmers, processors and local marketers in selected areas in Nigeria and at the same time increasing food security. Compared to grains, cassava is more tolerant to low soil fertility and more resistant to drought, pests and diseases. Furthermore, cassava roots store well in the ground for months after maturity. Cassava is not just as a food crop but also as a cash crop; it can generate income for a large number of households, thus contributing positively to poverty alleviation. Moreover, the training focused at development and promotion efforts on selected markets in the country where cassava could compete favorably with cereals, dissemination and extension of high yielding cassava varieties and the transfer of the requisite technologies.


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