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Cassava value chain/Nigeria - Farmers can double cassava yield with improved weed control

05 August 2015

Initial results from experimental plots carried out by researchers working under the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) shows that by switching to improved weed management practices, Nigerian cassava farmers can double current national average yield. Cassava Weed Management Project’s recent harvest from trial plots recorded a breakthrough as a single cassava stand produced 34 kilograms root. According to the project leader, national yield of 20-39 tons per hectare is achievable if farmers can simply adopt and use improved weed management practices. Weed control accounts for more than 25% of the total cost and time of production. As from the research, the observation shows that weeds are a major factor limiting yields and eliminating them (weeds) from cassava can help African farmers benefit more from the investments in research. The spacing of cassava which is usually 1 meter by 1 meter leaves enough space for weeds to grow and compete with cassava for nutrients, water and light, said the project’s Principal Investigator.


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