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Kenya Finally has a Veterinary Policy in Place

19 October 2015

The National Veterinary Policy of Kenya has been published and is expected to provide an enabling environment for safeguarding animal life, health and welfare as well as animal propagation and production for food security and economic development. It provides modalities for dealing with specific key challenges facing the animal resource industry though attainment ten objectives taking into account constitutional obligations and functional relationships of each level of government in development of animal resources.

The policy aims to ensure that Kenyans benefit from animal health, welfare and production services and that ultimately, animal resources optimally contribute to food security. In addition, implementation of the policy will be geared towards minimizing diseases in animals and transmission of diseases between animals and humans as Kenyans continue to live with, work with and trade in animals and animal products. Extensive sector and countrywide consultations including a national stakeholders’ forum culminated into the document that is now the published policy whose implementation is expected to contribute to better livelihoods and greater economic development of Kenyans.



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