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Do Pigs have a role to play in transmission of Ebola? Case study of Uganda

08 November 2015

Increasing importance of piggery in many households in Uganda and proportionate increase in emergence of zoonotic diseases such as bird flu in recent times has elicited a study to investigate the role of pigs in transmission of Ebola. The concern is specifically that expanding pig populations, particularly under free-range systems that may share habitat with fruit bats which are suitable hosts for the Ebola virus would render pigs as possible hosts of the deadly virus. The study which was conducted by scientists from ILRI and published in the journal of Transboundary and Emerging Diseases found out that there is no substantial evidence that pigs have any role in past outbreaks of Ebola in Uganda. However, the researchers recommended further study to better understand the inter-relationship between pigs, the Ebola virus and other emerging zoonotic diseases. This would aid in efficient allocation of otherwise scarce veterinary and medical health resources in the country.



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