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Livestock Identification and Recording Vital for Food Security

11 May 2015

Sub-Saharan African countries have adopted a declaration on animal identification and recording, a move that is expected to improve food security, livestock genetics and better flock management.
Livestock is one of the most important and fastest growing agricultural subsectors in developing countries, fuelled by increasing demand for animal products. Livestock accounts for 37 per cent of agricultural Gross Domestic Product and it continues to grow. Despite the rapid growth globally, animal production (meat, milk and eggs) in Sub-Saharan Africa is increasing at a slower pace. A substantial and sustained increase in animal production and productivity is therefore required and animal identification, performance recording and traceability can significantly contribute to the much needed growth. The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme targets an annual growth rate of 4.2 percent for the livestock sector by enhancing the role of livestock in agricultural intensification and promotion of market-based livestock development. The new identification protocol is also expected to help manage animal health and disease control.


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