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Rice value chain/ Fiji – Government calls for increase investment in local rice sector

14 May 2015

Fiji is a net rice importer of rice and spends about $ 21 million yearly on rice importation, mostly from India and Thailand. According to the Agriculture Minister, the proposed local sources spent in importing rice should be used to develop local rice sector. Complemented on the statement, the minister noted that the government has already initiated efforts to improve rice production in the country. With assistance from the FAO, the aim is to build capacity of smallholder farmers to boost rice production in the country by offering training. Moreover, at boosting hybrid rice production and research to improve rice varieties, the government has intensified cooperation with Chinese government and researchers. Furthermore, to tackle food and nutritional security in Fiji, the research collaboration with Chinese researchers will mainly focus on drought-tolerant and climate resilient rice seed varieties. The minister urged traders and investors to buy from local farmers instead of importing. In the course to boost local rice production, the government has set aside funds to be invested in Viti Levu and Vanua Levu which are famous areas at producing rice.


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