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Rice value chain/Guyana – Government to implement rice marketing plan to boost output and reduce production costs

14 September 2015

The government of Guyana is planning to implement a rice marketing plan which aims at improving productivity, reducing production costs, enhancing operational efficiency in rice mills and development of value-added products for export, said the Agriculture Minister. He noted that the country’s milled rice output has doubled to around 635,238 tons in 2014 from around 298,125 tons in 2007. However, challenges such as lack of drying, storage and marketing facilities as well as good agricultural practices including compliance of millers and energy-efficiency management at rice mills, have been hindering the development of the country’s rice sector. According to the Minister, the country produced about 360,325 tons of rice in the spring crop of 2015 about 326,278 tons were exported. The government is striving hard to explore new markets for rice especially after losing the PetroCaribe deal with Venezuela. Guyana produced around 633,000 tons of rice in 2014, up about 18% from around 535,212 tons from 2013 and exported around 501,208 tons of rice in 2014. The country plans to produce about 618,000 tons of milled rice and export around 521,000 ton in 2015.




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