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Wheat value chain/Zambia - State bans wheat importation

19 October 2015

Zambian government has with immediate effect banned the importation of wheat indicating that Zambian farmers have the capacity to meet local demand. According to the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, importation of the commodity will only be allowed if local supply is exhausted. He urged every wheat value chain actor to be responsible, especially smallholder farmers not to abuse the ban of wheat imports by increasing their commodity above the import parity price. According to the ministry, the country is expected to harvest about 330,371 tonnes of wheat in 2015 against the national consumption requirements of 310,000 tonnes annually, a surplus of 28,371 tonnes. Zambia National Farmers’ Union second vice president revealed that although in 2015 wheat production has reduced marginally by 7,862 tonnes, the country is anticipated to have an exportable surplus. The vice president attributed the reduction in yield to load shedding and lower water level, which is affecting irrigation.



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