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Rice value chain/ West Africa – South Korea & FAO to develop rice value chain in West Africa

18 June 2015

African countries as part of efforts to increase their national rice production. The project called “Capacity Development and Experience Sharing for Sustainable Value Chain Development in Africa through South-South Cooperation” will be funded by South Korea. Estimated at $2 million the project will be implemented by FAO through its regional offices in the region. South-South Cooperation (SSC) is considered to be a cost-effective means of sharing knowledge and resources among various entities. Asian countries, which have developed a reasonably good level of rice production systems can share their experiences with the African nations and help them, develop their rice production systems as well. FAO & South Korean government have agreed to implement the project while focusing at developing rice value chains by increasing production and productivity, adding value, enhancing quality and improving market access. Moreover, the project aims to create more modern and profitable agricultural approaches, policies and programs for West African rice value chain.


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