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Dairy value chain/Ethiopia - Boosting the nation's dairy production

30 August 2015

New Zealand Dairy Co- operative Fonterra, with its local business partner Faffa Foods, officially launched its first ever nationwide Anchor's Fortified Milk Drink in Ethiopia. The opening of such first world class dry blending plant at a cost U$10 million in Ethiopia, has multifaceted benefits on the ongoing national task of transforming the agriculture-led economy to the industry driven one in the shortest time possible. Enabling to produce Fortified Milk Drink locally means that Ethiopia's Sekota declaration to end child malnutrition by 2030 would be realized earlier on its timetable. Ethiopian farmers need to draw lessons from farmers' cooperative of New Zealand that has become the largest high quality dairy products supplier in the world. Making available high quality and fortified milk to the people at large, the nation would be blessed with millions of healthier and active children apart from improving its life expectancy rate. Amongst the largest host of cattle population in Africa, Ethiopian dairy production and market systems face severe constraints with an average milk production below international benchmarks. The government has been encouraging millions of farmers to engage in milk farming and rearing cattle with a view to boost milk and meat production in the country.


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