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Rice value chain/Madagascar- IRRI introduces two cold-tolerant rice varieties

30 August 2015

The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and the Africa Rice Center (AfriceRice) have jointly released two cold-tolerant rice varieties in Madagascar under the IRRI’s Stress-Tolerant Rice for Africa and South Asia (STRASA) programme. The programme will be overseen by Madagascar’s National Applied Research Centre (FOFIFA) and carried out by AfricaRice through its Africa-wide Rice Breeding Task Force. The two varieties FOFIFA 183 and FOFIFA 184 were launched on May 22, 2015. Central plateau region which is an important rice growing area in the country was severely impacted by cold weather. In order to meet smallholder farmers’ demand while boosting production, FOFIFA and AfricaRice, through support from the STRASA project have produced 5 tons of certified rice seeds to be distributed to farmers.


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