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Wheat value chain/Nigeria - Nigeria has competitive advantage in wheat production

30 August 2015

Nigerian’s Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development have stated that the nation's locally produced wheat can now compete favorably with the imported ones. Noting that courtesy of the development of two major seed varieties by the Lake Chad Research Institute, Nigeria can now save its earned foreign exchange used for wheat importation. According to the ministry’s Permanent Secretary, the country has a robust programme for wheat production and is maintaining multiplication of seeds for farmers to ensure that Nigeria is able to get enough of these seeds and later upscale in production. This was disclosed during the first Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Agribusiness Group (NABG). With the development of two major varieties of wheat seeds by Lake Chad Research Institute, Nigeria is getting yields that will enable wheat farmers compete with imported wheat. The permanent secretary further disclosed that, wheat production has received a major boost due to the sympathy and support of millers under a policy introduced to boost self-sufficiency in rice production, which will also be deployed for wheat in order to protect local production. The government plans to exhaust all locally produced wheat before allowing the importation of the shortfall in the supply gap in the industry. Promoting the substitution of wheat with cassava bread policy is the strategy applied by the government to reduce dependence on wheat importation. The federal government intends to supply quality seeds to wheat farmers at a subsidized rate up to about 80 per cent, stated the Permanent Secretary, from Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


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