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Cassava value chain/Rwanda - Farmers call for support to combat cassava diseases

08 June 2015

Ruhango District, the largest cassava grower in Rwanda faced risks of low production and poor quality of cassava output. Due to cassava brown streak disease (CBSD) locally known as 'Kabore', farmer’s plantations were ruined. CBSD, a cassava virus disease, causes root rot rendering cassava inedible. The devastating cassava disease also results to loss of cassava root (tuber) production and a major cassava threat not only in Rwanda but also in East Africa region as a whole. The disease is a result of whitefly-borne infection causing leaf distortion and plant stunting. Farmers received cassava cuttings in February 2015 from the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI) and Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) as means to address the issue of Kabore after the previous varieties were devastated. The new cassava variety, NASE14 (Namuronge Selection 14), was procured from Uganda's National Agriculture Research Organization (NARO) which is the only body that has so far managed to produce cassava cultivars that are hundred percent resistant to cassava mosaic virus and to CBSD, said RAB’s Crop Production and Extension Specialist.


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