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Dairy value chain/Uganda – Challenge on the quality of milk produced

07 June 2015

According to report issued by the Committee of Parliament on Commissions, Statutory Authorities, and State Enterprises (Cocase), Uganda's milk is at risk of being challenged at the international market due to the lack of an accredited dairy analytical laboratory. The international accredited agencies are supposed to accredit DDA to Uganda’s exported milk due to lack of laboratory quality assurance in the country, the report stated. It proposed that as a regulator, the Dairy Development Authority (DDA) is supposed to have a standard laboratory to deal with clearance and issue of certificates to milk exporters.
The dairy analytical laboratory helps quality assurance of milk and milk products within the sector. It also gives confidence and assured status to countries importing milk from Uganda. DDA’s main duty is to register and inspect all facilities and equipments used to handle, process and market milk and milk products throughout the country. Only operators whose facilities and equipment meet the minimum standards required are given licenses to operate. Recently DDA has established certificates: Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA), but the laboratory has never been accredited by international agencies.



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