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Grain value chain/Kenya - Embracing indegeneous technical knowledge(ITK)

08 June 2015

Recently, there has been new storage technologies developed: actellic super and metal silos. Due to incremental price of the technologies, smallholder farmers cannot maintain the pace of storing grains at a confined standard for a long period. In a workshop organized by Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP) in Kenya, it was indicated that embracing Indegeneous Technical Knowledge(ITK) can play a big role in reducing maize post-harvest losses. According to the Ward Crop Officer in Ol-Moran district , ITK ensures effective storage of grains and pest control. Ward Crop Officer urged smallholders should not neglect traditional grain post-harvest technologies which in most cases are readily available and are also cheaper: smoking, use of drum, use of ash, mexican merigold and rosemary. Insects can be killed by admixing inert dusts or diatomaceous earths (DEs) with threshed grains. DEs only needs to be applied in small quantities, up to 0.2 percent by weight. They work by absorbing the wax from the insect’s body, causing water loss, then desiccation and death.


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