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Livestock value chain/Kenya - New rules set to tame crooked animal feed makers

30 August 2015

Kenyan government will formulate new guidelines to ensure that animal feed makers conform to high standards, according to Livestock Secretary. This was disclosed during a briefing organized by the East and Southern Africa Dairy Association (ESADA) in Nairobi. It was noted that some feed makers have been lying about the percentage of key supplements such as proteins. A policy on animal feed is now being developed and should ensure compliance to the required production standards. It is expected the policy will be ready early 2016. He said the milk sector was underperforming partly because of low quality feed. Under the new regulations, makers of animal feed will have to ensure that the ratio of supplements indicated on the bags will reflect content, stated the government’s Livestock Secretary. According to him, due to low milk production even with the high number of cattle, there was a need for feed makers to produce high quality feed in order to boost volume of milk in the country. In Kenya, animal feed is mainly made from white maize, which is purely carbohydrates, but manufacturers are required to add other key supplements such as protein, mostly sourced from cotton cake. Due to low supply of cotton cake in the country, manufacturers rely on imports from Uganda to meet their needs. However much, Kenya feed industry does not have adequate standards for ingredients and quality control of the by-products and ingredients that are imported for the feed industry.


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