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Livestock value chain/Mozambique & Namibia - Foot and Mouth disease poses threat of ' national disaster'

08 June 2015

The Mozambican government banned regional movements of livestock in the southern districts following an outbreak of foot and mouth disease. A highly infectious viral disease of hoofed animals, FMD causes a high fever and blisters on the mouth and feet to domestic cattle, sheep, goats and pigs, and also wild ruminants. The ban was announced by the Deputy Health Minister during a weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers (Cabinet). Among the package of measures intended to contain the outbreak are the isolation of infected animals and any that may have been in contact with them, vaccination of livestock, raising the awareness of the public about the danger of the disease, and strengthening epidemiological surveillance of animal movements throughout the country. Meanwhile in Namibia, the meat industry held emergency meetings with the Directorate of Veterinary Services to be briefed on the impact of FMD in the country. According to the Meatco communication officer, it is inevitable that the new outbreak resulted in a total ban announced by the government on animal movement within regions. Directorate of Veterinary Services(DVS) has implemented standard protocols relating to such outbreaks these include: strategic roadblocks with decontamination capabilities as well as the deployment of surveillance teams within the area. Nevertheless, DVS will conduct vaccination of some 250 000 animals in the country’s affected areas. The Acting Director of DVS, said the disease is under control for now as no new case been reported to extension officers and field workers in the affected areas.


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