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Pig Farmers in Masaka District in Uganda counting Losses due to an outbreak of Africa Swine Fever

19 October 2015

The African swine fever, a viral disease that is endemic in Africa south of the equator has hit Masaka, a neighbouring district of Kampala wreaking havoc to pig herds. Dozens of farmers in this area reported to have lost their animals to the disease which has no known vaccine. The disease is passed to animals through a vicious cycle between soft ticks, wild pigs and direct contact with infected pigs. Confirming the reports, a vetenary officer from one of the sub-counties in the district warned that the disease was still spreading and warned farmers to be ware and excise precautionary measures to avoid further infections. Also, the officer lamented that despite the quarantine that bars pig movement in the area, dealers still sneak into the affected areas and smuggle the infected animals to other places of the district thereby perpetuating the spread of the disease. In the aftermath, residents were called upon to be careful when buying pork products from pork joints whose adherence to health inspection was not ascertained. The severity of the problem has seen the Masaka District Pig Farmers' Platform seek the intervention of the Uganda office of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).



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