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An ICT solution for traceability of cattle in Tanzania

27 January 2016

A public initiative to establish an electronic system to keep cattle records is set to transform the livestock subsector in Tanzania. According to the Director of Research, Education and Extension Services in the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development, the move is geared towards improvement of traceability of animals, an important prerequisite in boosting quality of livestock products and trade in the country. Special gadgets with special numbers identifying the region, district, village and farm where animals are coming from will be fitted to the animals. The special identification numbers will also contain other details such as medical history which are important when accessing international markets. The technology will also be critical in enabling producers of good quality livestock products get better prices a situation that is hitherto not the case. Good quality livestock products still fetch the same prices as sub-standard products which ultimately demotivates producers/farmers.



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