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Kenyan Consumers unlikely to benefit from El-Nino tiding as milk prices remain high

11 March 2016

Regulatory role of the Kenya Dairy Board (KDB) has been put into sharp perspective due to its apparent failure in protecting consumers from exploitation through high milk prices despite abundant production brought about by El Nino rains. In fact, the Consumer Federation of Kenya is accusing KDB of colluding with processors to maintain high milk prices. However, in a rejoinder, an official of the largest privately-owned processing companies in the country; Brookside Dairies observed that the market is yet to correct itself from demand-supply dynamics and that milk prices are unlikely to come down in the near future.  Conversely, an official from the Kenya Dairy Processors Association (KDPA)elucidated the situation noting that El Nino effects between October and December 2015 did not contribute to much of milk production to warrant downward revision of prices of milk.



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