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Rwanda institutes a legal mechanism towards regulation of dairy industry to boost its growth

25 March 2016

The Government of Rwanda is showing commitment to develop the dairy sub-sector in the country by instituting a legislative instrument to regulate the industry. Observing that the country has made major progress towards revolutionizing the dairy sub-sector exhibited in increased milk production, processing and trade in the last few years, the State Minister for agriculture said these gains could be watered down by lack of regulation that has resulted in unfair market competition and production of substandard dairy products that put the health of consumers at risk. This has warranted the Rwandan cabinet to approve a ministerial order to reverse this trend. The order states that every milk aggregation centre shall have a qualified milk technician in charge of quality testing while all the milk from these centers will be requires to have a certificate of origin to facilitate traceability.

Indeed, production of milk in Rwanda has been continuously increasing as occasioned by the country-wide one-cow-per-family flagship programme which was introduced in 2007. The programme has seen over 200,000 cows distributed to vulnerable families across the country. It is targeted that by 2017, an additional 150,000 cows will be distributed thereby increasing milk production from the current 706,030 to 730,133 MT during the same period. 



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