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Spatial Differences in occurrence of brucellosis among indigenous cattle populations in Uganda

08 November 2015

Agro-ecological predisposition has a role to play in occurrence of brucellosis in indigenous cattle in Uganda. This was a finding from a study conducted to determine prevalence of the disease among Ankole Bos taurus indicus, Nganda East African Shorthorn Zebu (EASZ) cattle. North Eastern Highlands of Uganda exhibited higher rates of brucellosis prevalence compared to those from lowland areas of Lake Victoria Crescent (LVC). Furthermore, the study found a correlation between brucellosis and incidences of abortions of infected herds. Scientists noted that these findings reinforce existing evidence on widespread occurrence of brucellosis among indigenous cattle populations in Uganda and could be used to inform future deployment of control strategies and creation of awareness.

Kabi F., Muwanika V. and Masembe C. (2015): Spatial distribution of Brucella antibodies with reference to indigenous cattle populations among contrasting agro-ecological zones of Uganda. Preventive Veterinary Medicine: Volume 121, Issues 1–2, 1 September 2015, Pages 56–63



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