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Agriculture Policing Kick starts in Uganda

19 October 2015

The need to stamp out agricultural (including livestock) malpractices has necessitated creation of a special Agriculture Unit within the Ugandan Police. One of a kind in Africa, it is a laudable move that if well implemented could see reduced agriculture related offenses perhaps as a way of repositioning the strategic importance of the sector in the economy of the country. The unit which has been decentralized at district level to increase efficiency and accessibility to the people who really need it, is set to deal with offences such as catching of illegal fish as well as distribution of fake inputs, two major constraints in livestock and crop sub-sectors respectively in Uganda.

Unabated proliferation of counterfeit agro-inputs in the Ugandan market is common place which is not surprising especially against the backdrop of limited enforcement of institutions mandated with curbing the vice and current laws which are ineffective in dealing with counterfeits.



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