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The Impact of Political Strife to Livestock Keepers in Burundi

19 October 2015

Political strife has a direct negative impact on the productive sectors of economies globally and results in an average of 12.5% drop in agricultural production (Kamenyi et al 2014). This has been the case for Burundi a country that is currently facing political insurgency occasioned by an electioneering period in the better part of 2015. As a result, some affected citizens sought refuge in Rwanda with their animals and are now affected by limited pastures and vaccines. Authorities from Rwanda are now calling upon these refuges to sell off their animals due to lack of pastures and risk of spreading of diseases.

As would be expected, these livestock keepers are not only adversely affected by potential loss of a source of livelihood but also glaring post-conflict socio-economic ramifications especially in the absence of government safety nets and insurance instruments.

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