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Cassava value chain/Ghana – Ghana to refocus on cassava to transform economy

19 October 2015

Ghana’s Minister for Food and Agriculture said, government’s agenda to transform the economy through agriculture would focus on placing great importance on cassava value chain. According to the minister, cassava has great impact on the lives of the rural people, as well as having great potential for industrialization. The government is considering a policy for high quality cassava flour for use in the food industry. This was revealed during opening of a three-day international conference and exhibition on cassava utilization and marketing, organized by the Ghana Cassava Centre of Excellence (GCCE) in collaboration with the ministries of Food and Agriculture and Trade and Industry in Accra. Ghana being the third leading cassava producer in Africa and the sixth in the world in terms of value, puts together a cross sectoral team to develop a policy for cassava production, which would go a long way to help open up markets for smallholder farmers. According to the Minister for Trade and Industry, 45 per cent of the cassava produced goes to waste due to post harvest losses. Once right mechanisms are put in place, cassava would sooner compete with cocoa as the foreign income earners for Ghana, revealed Ghana’s Trade and Industry minister. The minister further disclosed that, government’s focus is to empower smallholder farmers produce yields that would meet international standards, promising that government would facilitate the export processes.



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