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Market Technologies/Nigeria – AfDB says new technologies transforms Africa’s agricultural sector

08 November 2015

According to the President of African Development Bank (AfDB), African farmers are effectively using mobile telephone technology to eliminate middlemen in the market. This was revealed during the African Agricultural Transformation Conference in Dakar, Senegal. According to the President, technologies have also helped the farmers to access better seeds through improved crop science which can also be scaled up to other areas of Africa with the help of mobile technology. He emphasized on finding ways for marketing African food crops and figure out the agricultural value chains, after using the new research technologies to improve agricultural production. The President announced that in a renewed effort to match the agro-technologies with the marketing chain, AfDB would provide a $300 million financing facility to assist women in agriculture to expand their use of technology. The focus of the fund is to enhance the efficiency of women crop production, in order to encourage rapid growth in agriculture. Proper technologies have assisted the introduction of an Electronic Wallet System in Nigeria, which allows smallholder farmers to receive electronic vouchers for subsidized seeds and fertilizers, directly on their mobile phones, stated the AfDB President. The Senegal conference focused on the development of new policies to transform Africa's agriculture into a lucrative business venture for massive food production for local consumption and for export.



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