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Poultry value chain/Ghana - Ministry takes measures to contain bird flu

14 September 2015

Government of Ghana has approved € 3,098,202 to contain the spread of the pathogenic avian influenza (HPA1) H5N1 disease. Apart from, six vehicles, 20 motorbikes which have also been procured, laboratories have also been established to help contain the disease. According to the Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, the government was also working on modalities to get compensation for farmers whose farms had been affected by the outbreak of the disease since May 2015. The Ministry also declared a total ban on the movement of poultry and poultry products from bird flu infected zones or districts into free zones, adding that poultry products accompanied by health certificates and movement permits from the Veterinary Services Department would be allowed. The Ministry is working on improving communication strategy for all stakeholders to target school children, poultry farmers, feed millers, eggs sellers and live market traders to receive posters, brochures and flyers, to help contain the problem. Since the outbreak of the disease in May 2015, three regions have been affected with a total of 40,154 birds destroyed as containment measures. National Epidemiologist in charge of Prevention and Control said countries in Africa that had experienced bird flu outbreak including Egypt, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Niger, Ivory Coast and Ghana, have higher risk of spreading avian influenza.




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