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Uganda butchers trained on hygiene and biosafety practices in handling of pork products

08 November 2015

Uganda has the highest annual per capita consumption of pork in EAC at 3.4kg. Implicitly, there are a lot of activities that go on along the value chain to deliver the ‘delicacy’ to a Ugandan table. However, these activities are largely not done in a proper way to ensure hygiene and health of consumers. For example, the country only has one centralized pork slaughterhouse in Kampala that supplies a big percentage of the pork consumed in the city and its environs. It is against this backdrop that scientists from ILRI and Veterinarians Without Borders (VWB) have partnered with Mukono Local Government and the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries (MAAIF) to train pork butchers in Mukono District on pork hygiene, carcass handling and biosecurity practices.

The researchers developed a manual using data collected from Masaka, Mukono and other peri-urban areas around Kampala on proper post-mortem exam techniques, common endemic and zoonotic diseases of importance to pork butchers in Uganda, important hygiene and sanitation protocols, and biosecurity practices. Forty seven butchers from Mukono municipality, where most pork from the district is consumed, benefited from the training.



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