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Welcome to Agritrade

Agritrade is the essential resource website for ACP-EU agriculture and fisheries trade issues.

This interactive site offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the latest critical trade issues as well as providing a platform for discussion and debate.

Whether you are a policy maker, a private sector representative, or simply have a desire to learn more about ACP agriculture and fisheries trade issues, this site should count among your favourites.

As an Agritrade member you can create your own unique profile, connect with other members to build your network and tailor the information you receive to meet your needs.

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-       Monthly agricultural news updates

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-       Many other multimedia resources

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Contact Us

The Agritrade Team welcomes your feedback, questions, and suggestions.

Please email: agritrade-mail@cta.int

We also encourage you to post comments on the Agritrade website, our facebook page and twitter.


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