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Altitude determines susceptibility of cattle to trematodes: case study of Iringa Rural District, Tanzania

08 novembre 2015

A study conducted to investigate the epidemiology of trematode infections in cattle in the highlands and lowlands areas of Iringa Rural District in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania has revealed that cattle in the highlands are more susceptible to infections by trematode than their counterparts in the lowlands. The study concluded that high altitude is a contributing factor in trematode infections among cattle thus calling for heightened control measures in these areas.

Nzalawahe J., Kassuku A., Stothard J., Coles G. and Eisler M. (2015): Associations between trematode infections in cattle and freshwater snails in highland and lowland areas of Iringa Rural District, Tanzania. Parasitology / Volume 142 / Issue 11 / September 2015, pp 1430-1439


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