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Host Countries of EAAP request for Extension

08 novembre 2015

Four countries which benefited from the first phase of the funded Eastern Africa Agricultural Productivity Project (EAAPP) have appealed to the World Bank to extend its support for phase two to continue with the gains made during the first phase. Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda which have seen establishment of Centers of Excellence for the commodities of interest of the programme: wheat, dairy, rice and cassava respectively have jointed appealed to the bank noting that phase two will also aid in full exploitation of the massive infrastructure put up during phase one. As an example, an official from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in Kenya noted that one of the successes from phase one of EAAPP is development of dairy value chain infrastructure under the dairy Center of Excellence in Kenya that has transformed the dairy sub-sector in the country and which is available for use by other regional stakeholders. A representative from World Bank also reckoned that the projects have benefited countries especially in adoption of modern technologies in the respective value chains of concentration.



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