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Input value chain/Tanzania - Firm makes bags that kill pests

10 janvier 2016

A Tanzanian agricultural company has launched a reusable grain storage technology which will help farmers protect their crops from high insect infestations as well as fungal infections thus minimize post-harvest losses. Agroz Company has introduced reusable bags that can help farmers store their grains for as long as one year without risk of pest infestation. According to Agroz Company's Sales and Marketing Manager, the bags are specifically made to resist pests and maintain its moisture, the price is U$ 0.12 per bag. Agroz Company’s Bag is a multi-layered hermetic bag recommended for the storage of grains and pulses for six to twelve months or longer period of time to protect against insects and pests without using pesticide dusts. The bag is recommended for the storage of maize, sorghum, rice, millet, dried beans and cowpeas grains. The Bag comes in standard size of 80 cm x 120 cm which can store 100 kg of maize and can be reused for three seasons or more. The new multilayer hermetic storage bags also preserve quality and quantity of grains and prevent weight loss throughout storage. The Company’ sale and marketing manager disclosed this during a training for farmers and agricultural officers while emphasizing that if farmers use the bags, they will definitely pay less to buy chemicals to fumigate. The bags contain several layers of different types of carefully chosen plastic derivatives. They have an inner liner of multilayer with an outer woven bag. The multilayer provides an impermeable barrier to gasses exchange and also makes it water-resistant. Moreover, pests in harvested grains are killed through asphyxiation and dehydration within a few days after the bags are closed.



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